Property Investments in Cyprus

Property Investments in Cyprus

By now you have probably heard lots of rumours and seen plenty of newsfeeds about the benefits of property investments in Cyprus.

The rumours seem almost too good to be true with some investors claiming that they have full returns on investments in as little as three years and others claiming a massive 47% increase in property market values on their luxury investments.

Yet, for once these rumours are 100% true.  Since the end of the Cyprus recession in 2014 and the implementation of the Cyprus investment programme and the Cyprus company formation programme this island have made a big comeback and is now capturing the attention of keen investors from all over the world.  Property values all over the island escalated dramatically since 2014 and luxury accommodations and properties in popular regions like Limassol shows massive property value increases of up to 47%.  Imagine what it would be like to make a massive 47% return on your investment in just one year?  Well, some property investors were lucky enough to enjoy this exact market increase for their properties in Limassol.

But before you grab your wallet, there are a few things you need to be aware of.  Not everyone makes a success out of their property investments.  You need a cool head, cash and the help from a Cyprus property lawyer to make a success out of this type of investment.

You need a cool head

You don’t need to be the next Albert Einstein to spot a good investment opportunity but if you want good returns on your investment then you do need to do your research.  Some regions in Cyprus, like the northern parts, may seem more affordable but that is because there is a bigger risk since plenty of property disputes is still ongoing.  Holiday accommodations will only prove valuable if you invest in popular tourist areas like Limassol, Paphos and more.  Residential property does pretty good in all regions and might even prove to be more lucrative in most regions of Cyprus than holiday accommodations.  You also need to do your research on the future of the area in which you are planning to invest.  In Limassol, for example, a massive 550 million Euro casino resort is underway which is bound to result in a huge market boost for property owners in this region.

You need cash

You need money to invest in property, especially if you want to make a lot more money.  The luxury property sector has a much bigger property value increase than other properties. The Cyprus Investment Programme also gives you plenty of great benefits that you would miss out on if you invested less than 2 million Euro in Cyprus.  The more money you invest, the more you can make and the more benefits you enjoy.

You need a good Cyprus property lawyer

A Cyprus real estate attorney is an absolute must-have for any property investment in Cyprus.  Property attorneys can help you with all the property law aspects of buying and we will ensure that your property will be transferred to your name legally and we ensure ownership for a much safer and risk-free investment.

If you have these three elements then you are bound to make a huge success out of your property investments in Cyprus but don’t wait too long to act because property values are increasing with each passing day.  Speak to our real estate lawyers today and we can help you build a better tomorrow.

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