If you are a buyer:

Real estate lawOur mission is to secure your rights and eliminate any potential risk may arise in buying any immovable property anywhere in Cyprus.

Our experts will make sure the property you are buying is free from any encumbrances or rights to any other person or company or bank. Then we will draft a sale agreement to suit your requirements and secure your rights and give expert advice on how to handle your case, then we will handle the payment of the sale agreement Stamp Duty and deposit of the same to the Land Registry office.

We will then ensure the seller will take all the necessary steps and pay all his outstanding expenses including taxes, bills etc and that the property will be transferred into your name free from ay outgoings or obligations.

If you are a non EU citizen, we will handle your application to the District Office to obtain the necessary permit to acquire property. At the final step, we will prepare all the paperwork and execute the whole procedure to the Land Registry Office in order to transfer the property into your name.

If you are a seller:

Our mission is always to secure your rights and eliminate any potential risk may arise in selling any immovable property anywhere in Cyprus as well as give expert advice on your Capital Gains Tax planning.

According to your requirements, we will draft the sale agreement to secure your sale in the best way for your interest. Then we will carefully plan your Capital Gains Tax declaration, prepare all the paperwork needed and one of our experts will visit the Tax Office in order to obtain your clearances.

We will handle all your bills that will have to be paid in order to clear the property, (Municipality taxes, Sewerage, Property taxes etc).

Then will prepare the paperwork and attend the Land Registry Office in order to complete the transaction and transfer the property into the Purchaser’s name.