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Selling a home is always a sensitive topic because this is the area where so many fond memories are made and plenty of people feel a lot of sentimental value for homes where they have spent a lot of time.  Getting a fair price for your loved Cyprus home certainly makes everything a lot better.  You feel better about letting go and you can make the transition to a new home a lot easier.

There are plenty of little DIY upgrades you can do in and around your Cyprus home to boost your property value.  Here are some of the best DIY upgrades to give a shot if you want to sell for more.

Pressure clean your property

A simple and affordable DIY that will make a huge difference in your curb appeal is pressure washing.  Dust and dirt have a tendency to make your home look dull and faded and also gives a messy appearance.  Pressure washing blasts away all that dust and dirt from surfaces and brings out the natural color in stone, paint, and cement.  You can clean various surfaces around your home such as the outer walls, driveways, roof, walkways, and garage for a fresh and new look.  It is also best to photograph your home for advertising shortly after pressure washing because the photos come out much more vibrantly when everything is still moist.

Mind your garden

The garden greatly affects curb appeal.  With a beautiful garden, your home looks much more inviting.  Start spending more time around your house and improve your garden as much as you can.  Weed, trim hedges, and trees, get rid of dead plants, mind your lawn and plant fresh and beautiful plants.

Get rid of that old carpet

A dirty old carpet is a big turn-off for most buyers.  For the highest sales price possible you should consider hardwood or vinyl flooring.  Wood flooring is incredibly popular all over Cyprus but if you cannot afford these pricey floors then you should at least give those carpets a good deep clean.


Cluttering can make your home look messy and certainly will affect buyers who screen your home before you move out.  Declutter and organize as much as possible for a better overall look.

Do minor repairs

Get all of those broken and askew things in and around the house fixed up.  Mind that creaking door, fix broken windows, refresh old doors and mind all those basic repairs.  You will be surprised at the difference minor repairs can do in your homes look.

A fresh coat of paint

A little bit of paint goes a long way especially if your ceilings and walls are pealing or faded.  This is also a DIY that is relatively easy to do.  Give your home and rooms a fresh coat of paint for an overall better look.

These little changes can make a huge difference in the overall look of your home and the curb appeal.  With an improved overall look your Cyprus home will sell at a much higher price a lot quicker.

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