Cyprus Real Estate Should you invest in high rises

Cyprus Real Estate

The economy in Cyprus is improving with each and every year and property values all over Cyprus are booming.  There are so many different investment possibilities in Cyprus Real Estate market that could prove to be very lucrative in just a few short years.

One investment opportunity that is gaining a lot of attention from EU markets is high rise investments.  But should you also invest in these buildings?  Perhaps these facts will convince you that high rises are probably the best investment you can possibly make.

Instant citizenship thanks to your high rise investment

If you are a non-Europe citizen then this benefit will most certainly appeal to you.  Immigrants to Cyprus need to reside for a minimum of 7 years in the country before they can obtain a Cyprus permanent residence permit.  But those who invest in high rises or other property or investment types over the value of 2 million Euro will get citizenship approval in less than 6 months thanks to the Cyprus Investment Programme.  Becoming a Cypriot also holds plenty of other great benefits like the following;

  • Visa-free travels to over 170 countries across the globe
  • The right to stay, work, study and live in all 28 Euro nations
  • This investment programme also grants citizenship to the parents and children of the investor
  • No requirement to learn the local language

A steady increase in property value

Property values, in general, have been steadily increasing all over Cyprus and especially in popular areas like Limassol.  Limassol specifically shows an 80% increase in property value since 2004 and hi-end properties specifically enjoyed a massive 45% increase in value in 2017 alone.

A steady investment

With steady property value increases, you can bet that high rise buildings are a pretty secure and steady investment that is bound to pay off in very little time.

You get your initial investment back much sooner

Plenty of investors of high rise buildings get their investments back in as little as 3 years’ time.  This is because the resell value of high rise properties results in such a high-profit margin and the massive increase in tourism in Cyprus also makes these properties much more lucrative in terms of holiday accommodation.

A massive increase in tourism

Most high rise investors target the tourism industry in order to get the best results from their investments.  The results are very positive since Cyprus has experienced a massive increase in tourism since 2004 when they joined up with Europe and especially since certain rights were revised in 2016.  Tourism is a very lucrative industry and a good reason to invest in high rises.

Just because high rises are a good investment doesn’t mean that there aren’t other good opportunities in Cyprus.  The company is quickly developing and more and more investment opportunities are surfacing with each passing year.

If you are interested in investing in high rises then now is a good time to contact our lawyers, specialising in Cyprus real estate law and get started on your purchase or investment.  We will help you with all of the legal aspects of property investments so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is going to bring in plenty of profits in just a short while at no risks to you.

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