Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

Do you want to become a Cyprus citizen?  Of course, you do.  Who wouldn’t want to live on a Mediterranean island with plenty of exotic beaches, a flourishing economy and plenty of investment opportunities?  Cyprus is quickly becoming one of the best places to live in the world and the best part is that getting your Cyprus citizenship in this island is a lot easier than you might think thanks to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme.

What is the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Since Cyprus joined hands with Europe in 2004, the Government has done quite a lot to develop the country economically.  One of their best development strategies was to attract foreign investors that can benefit the country and the economy.  The Cyprus Government developed the Cyprus Investment Programme which allows successful candidates to become an instant citizen, work, live and study not just in Cyprus but in all of the 28 member countries of Europe.  Imagine that! a country that directly opens its arms to you without that gruelling trial period that most countries require before you are awarded citizenship.

So what do you need to qualify for the Cyprus Investment Programme?

Anyone can apply for citizenship in Cyprus through their Naturalization by Exception but if you invest 2 million Euro in Cyprus in any of the following criteria then you will instantly become a citizen irrespective of your age, race, language or skill level;

  • Real estate investment – You can simply buy property worth 2 million Euro anywhere in Cyprus or even develop the undeveloped land.
  • Invest in developments – Cyprus is looking to develop its economy and that is exactly why any good development in the country to the value of 2 mil Euro can earn you instant citizenship.
  • Invest in infrastructure projects – Infrastructure projects are also a good way to earn your citizenship.
  • Purchase, participate in or establish a business – Start your own company or invest +2 mil Euro in Cyprus businesses through associateship or purchase and you can also become an instant citizen.
  • Invest in financial firms, investment funds, enterprises or organizations – You can also invest 2 million Euro in other types of firms or organizations to benefit communities and improve bonds and securities of the country.
  • A combination of investments – Your investments doesn’t have to all be pooled in the same basket.  A combination of investments like a home and a business or a home and a property investment can also earn you instant citizenship.

You can take the family along

Once you have obtain Cyprus citizenship by making your 2mil Euro investment you can also take along your parents at an additional 500 thousand Euro investment.  This is particularly good news since there are so few countries that accept senior applicants for citizenship.

So how do you become a Cyprus citizen?

It is always good to play it safe when you invest in this island with the goal to make it your permanent home.  The last thing you want is to make a huge investment only to still remain a citizen of another country based on a small error.  Our real estate lawyers can help you on your journey to finding the perfect investment and for making the switch as safely as possible.  Contact our offices and we will help you become a citizen of Europe.

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