Selling Your Luxury Home for Cyprus Passport Seekers

Do you have a luxury home?  Do you want to make a big profit?  Well then now is a good time to contact a local real estate agent to get your luxury home sold.  There are several reasons your property in Cyprus is likely to fetch a much better price than just two years ago like the following reasons;

  • A much greater number of annual tourists inspire more people to buy luxury accommodations in order to rent out
  • The economy of Cyprus is much healthier since the recession ended in 2014 and more people are looking to buy
  • Cyprus has captured the attention of foreign investors who are looking for a good place to buy a second home or looking to make property investments
  • Property values, in general, have escalated dramatically over the past two years thanks to an improved economy, more tourists and the fact that Cyprus is now much more popular.

But the biggest reason you will probably make a lot of money from your luxury home is due to the fact that many foreigners are now seeking to become Cypriots and can now do so thanks to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme.

What is the Cyprus Investment Programme?

This program was established by the Cyprus Government and is designed to improve the economy of the island whilst luring wealthy investors to the country.   Cyprus passport seekers are especially attracted to this programme because by investing 2 million Euro in the island in terms of property, businesses or organisations, they obtain a Cyprus permanent residence permit.  As a Cyprus citizen they enjoy plenty of benefits such as low tax rates, they are free to travel and stay in all 28 unions of Europe and they get visa-free travels to over 170 countries across the globe.  The 2 million Euro is a small price to pay considering the fact that it would normally take these non-Cypriots up to 7 years to acquire citizenship.

Passport seekers also love to invest in luxury home

Even those who are not interested in becoming Cypriots are likely to invest in your luxury home because they acquire their passports a lot easier and a lot more affordable when they invest in property in Cyprus.  A second home is a very popular trend amongst plenty of wealthy European, Russian and Asian citizens since they gain much more freedom.

Use a real estate lawyer when selling your home to passport seekers

It is important to always use a Cypriot property lawyer when you are selling your luxury home.  Our experts will take care of all of the legal aspects of selling and transferring ownership of your home so you can stay 100% legal.  We also ensure that all agreements are drawn up carefully so your rights will be protected and so you can be secure when selling your home.  With a lawyer expert in  real estate law by your side, you are bound to get a good market value for your luxury home and you can enjoy great profits without any risk to you as a seller.

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