Granting Cyprus citizenship to investors

Ever since the Cyprus Government launched the Cyprus Investment Programme in 2017, European markets have been fixed with excitement.  This unique opportunity was created in order to uplift the economy of Cyprus by luring investors instead of just the usual tourists.  The programme has several appealing benefits in store for investors but the best benefit of all is without a doubt the fact that you are granted Cyprus citizenship with no residency requirement in the island.

A 7-year process is cut down to a 6 month approval period

Normal immigrants to Cyprus will have to spend at least 12 months in the country after which they can legally apply for citizenship.  They will then have to continue to live in Cyprus for a total of 7 years before citizenship will be approved.  But with the investment programme, you can get your citizenship in as little as 6 months without even having to reside in the island at all.

Citizenship for the whole family

Another appealing factor is the fact that it is not just you who get citizenship but the whole family.  Even parents can be accepted into the country if you just take the right steps.

Cyprus citizenship means freedom at your fingertips

In 2004, Cyprus joined Europe which means you also become an EU citizen through this programme.  This gives you the freedom to travel to 157 countries worldwide without the need for a visa and you get to stay, work, study or explore all parts of EU freely.

No tests needed

You also don’t need to undergo any health tests or language tests when you are obtaining your Cyprus permanent residency permit through this method.

So what do you have to do to qualify?

To qualify for the investment programme you have to invest 2 million Euro in the island.  There are several different ways to invest in Cyprus such as the following;

  • Invest in land for sale in Cyprus. This can be any type of land such as agricultural land, undeveloped land and more
  • Buy houses for sale in Cyprus
  • Buy or invest in businesses, organisations or other types of firms.
  • Invest in the finance industry or sectors of Cyprus

When you are investing you don’t have to invest the full amount in a single area.  Investors can combine their investments and say, buy a house, business and make an investment in an organisation.

The process of getting Cyprus citizenship by Investment

The process is quite simple as well.  You can get your residency in a few simple steps like the following;

  1. Choose the property or type of investment
  2. Sign the purchase contract with the help of your Cyprus property lawyer
  3. Prepare and submit documents for citizenship
  4. Wait 3 weeks while the Ministry of Interior approves your investment
  5. Get your passport 6 months after application


The investment programme is the quickest and easiest way to become a Cypriot.  Call our Cyprus real estate lawyers and we will help you get started with this programme and help you with your purchasing contract and all other legal documentation and deed transfer processes.

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