Property investments

Do you want to enjoy a financially secure future?  Then now is the right time to start reconsidering your long-term Property investments.

Property investments and housing are becoming more expensive across the globe and especially in Cyprus where property values escalated by a shocking 80% in some regions between 2004 and 2017.  Most people today find it hard to buy a house because mortgages are pricier than ever before.  Many simply don’t invest in housing anymore because they cannot afford their dream home and they continue to wait… and wait… for some miracle to happen so they can finally buy.

But housing is still the best investment tool of a lifetime whether you buy that dream home or simply invest because you see a good business opportunity.  Here are a few good reasons to adopt housing investments as part of your retirement or long-term investment plans.

Retirement funds are no longer reliable

Most retirement plans today are not sufficient enough to carry you for the rest of your life from retirement.  The pension amounts are just not enough to compete with steep expenses like rent, mortgages, living expenses and expensive health insurance policies.  To top it off, plenty of retirement company plans have started evaporating over the past few years leaving their customers with quite a big disaster at hand.

Stock investments are dwindling

Some stock markets are still doing pretty good but with plenty of new stock market agencies, flooding this market the competition is pretty tough and good financial firms are no longer performing as good as they used to.  Your stock investments simply cannot give you good returns no matter how much you invest, what risk package you decide upon or how good your investment firm is.

Business investments are always risky

Starting an own company is a dream come true for many people.  It is always good to start a company because businesses boost Cyprus’ economic future and create more job opportunities.  But an own business is still a pretty big risk.  It isn’t easy to create a prospering company and to keep it afloat for the rest of your life.  Companies are also a lot of hard work and will still be plenty of hard work well into your senior years.

Property is becoming scarcer

With a growing world population, homes are becoming scarcer and scarcer.  This basically means that any property you buy today is likely to be a valuable asset tomorrow.

Property values in Cyprus are escalating

Economically, Cyprus is doing fantastic and property values are escalating all over.  Some luxury homes on popular beaches reach prices of over 30 million Euro and even average homes are pretty expensive.  The prediction is that property values in this island will only keep increasing which means any property you buy now will be worth a lot more in just a few short years.

A home increases financial security

Any home you own is a piece of security for your future. It is a place where you can safely retire without having to worry about rental expenses so you can live off that small pension of yours with ease.

It is clear that housing is still the best investment tool for your future.  If you are in the market for a home in Cyprus then speak with our real estate lawyers so you can buy a home safely and with ease.

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